Von der Koenig Haus
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Striving to maintain the health, nobility and versatility of the German Shepherd Dog.


Saxon vom tal der Schatten

My first German Shepherd Dog who embodied the characteristics that I believe are what a GSD should be.



Cassie as a pup above

 Kyrie- Georgio x V Zico ScH3 Litter

Kuma- Littermate to Cassie



V Georgio vom tal der Schatten SCH1 KKL1 lbz



Georgi was my foundation female. She was extremely even tempered, calm, and stable.

SG2 Cisko von der Koenig Haus UPr1 (BHOT)

Georgio and VA2 Ricco von der Zenteiche Sch3 KKl1

VA2 Ricco below (owned by Susan Dannis, DVM in MD)



SG1 Britta Von der Koenig Haus (Cassie) BH AD (BHOT)

V Georgio vom tal der Schatten SCH1 KKL1a x V Vauxhall vom hohlen Hugel SCH3 KKL1a

V Vauxhall below (owned by Beth Dorton, in PA)



 Previous Breeding

SG1 Britta Von der Koenig Haus (Cassie) BH AD (BHOT)

V Land Aus Der See Alexander  Sch1 KKL1a CGC CD TDI  (HOT)



 Alex is another example of what I consider to be the correct GSD. He is absolutely sound and stable, and can adapt to various settings with ease. He is a true ambassador of the breed. He is owned by my good friend and fellow training member here in MD. The litter was very social and stable, with a variety of energy and drive levels. We are very pleased with this litter.







Alex and Rocky


 Cassie and Alex litter




 Cassie and Alex litter





Cassie and Alex litter



Cassie and Alex pup