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Striving to maintain the health, nobility and versatility of the German Shepherd Dog.


We typically breed about one litter a year. We always plan and breed with a purpose and goal in mind for each litter. We take great care and time with every litter we breed, interacting daily with the puppies to evaluate their personalities, temperaments, and energy levels to properly match each unique puppy to the appropriate family. It is our mission to ensure that each puppy is placed properly.


Land Aus Der See Alexander

Alex represents the "Total Geman Shepherd". He has rock solid nerves, is remarkably intelligent and intuitive, and he possesses an aloof nature that is becoming less and less common in the German Shepherd Dog of today. His character is unwaivering, and he is the poster boy for versatility, going from the working field to hospice visits. He is definitely one of a kind. His persoanlity is passed on to his progeny.




Britta von der Koenig Haus

(Call name Cassie) is my first generation of dogs. She is from my foundation female, Georgio vom tal der Schatten, pictured in "Our Dogs" section. Cassie is an energetic happy girl who LOVES to play ball, track, and be with her people. This is her third litter, and you can see pups from her first litter in "Our Dogs" section. We are very pleased with what she has produced so far; very sound stable temperaments, social and adaptable.  





Our puppies are raised in our home with our family from the day they are born until they go to their new home. They are handled daily and socialized appropriately while taking into consideration their young immune systems. Our puppies are exposed from just a few weeks of age to various sounds and floor textures. We carefully interview potential new homes to find out what they are seeking in a new dog. We then spend time with our puppies every day, evaluating personality traits and characteristics, energy levels, drives, dominance tendencies, etc.

We take great strides to ensure that we pair our puppies with the most suitable families. We do not, however, believe that our responsibility ends when the puppy leaves our home. We encourage each family to maintain contact with us and provide as much feedback as they want. We always love updates and pictures! Questions are also welcome and encouraged  regarding training, caring, feeding, etc. We are always available.

**Our dogs are not bred to be lazy couch potatoes. They are energetic, intelligent, and active. We strongly encourage all of our new puppy owners to become involved in some type of activity with their new addition. There are many activities available for dogs and their owners to engage in. This is very good for the dog, but invaluable for the human-canine bond. We are very active in Schutzhund, however, there are many others- Search and Rescue,  herding,  agility, tracking, flyball, and obedience. An active German Shepherd Dog is a happy one. A bored one will find a way to entertain himself, and the odds are very good that you will not like the outcome.**


PLANNED LITTER SPRING 2016 Repeat Breeding!

V Land Aus Der See Alexander  Sch1 Kkl1a hips good - elbows normal CGC CD TDI (HOT)



SG1 Britta von der Koenig Haus BH AD Hips Good  Elbows Normal OFA

For Approved Homes Only

Please contact us for more information and see our application at the bottom

Price is $1000 with 3x Deworming and first vaccines.

Please see "Our Dogs" page for pictures from this same breeding 2 years ago!